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Medicinal Aluminum-Plastic Combination Cover

The medical bottle cap has the advantages of simple structure and low cost, and the medical aluminum-plastic combination cap is internationally common, mechanical compression seal, sealing is very good, practical, simple and convenient.
As a medical bottle cap, the aluminum cap coating is firm, strong adhesion, high temperature can also ensure stability, health and environmental protection.
The color of the aluminum cap is rich, the pattern is beautiful, and the authenticity of the item can be identified according to the different medical bottle caps.
The aluminum cap has stable torsion, small required torsion force, easy to open, and reduces the opening time of the medical bottle cap.


1. Aluminum-plastic cap is made of high quality aluminum, especially hygienic, will not rust, easy to open, do not need auxiliary tools, after opening, the bottle cap is destructive, can effectively prevent theft.

2, aluminum-plastic cover has good buffering, seismic, heat insulation, moisture, chemical corrosion resistance and other advantages, and non-toxic, no water absorption, dust peeling and desquamation, increase, sealing performance is very good.

3, aluminum-plastic cover can be made according to customer requirements of stainless steel balls high temperature resistance, water resistance, alcohol resistance, etc., pattern design can use color printing, convex word, milling word.

4. The inner pad of the aluminum-plastic cap is made of special glue dropping materials and advanced production technology, so that it has excellent airtightness after sealing the bottle, and the surface of the cap has a larger plane, which makes the printing of various text logo patterns and the bottle cap more beautiful, and also makes your products more valuable.




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